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Nuno's been quite busy since the end of Extreme. In 1997, he released Schitzophonic, his first solo effort. He played a couple warm-up gigs before the album was released. The first was at Bill's Bar in Boston in November '96. The second was at the L & G Pub in New London, CT of all places in mid-January '97 (it was the night before the Patriots-Jaguars championship playoff game and we really considered pulling the fire alarm at the Biltmore Hotel in Providence, where the Jags were staying. The Pats didn't need us intervening to stomp Jacksonville and go on to the Super Bowl).
Nuno at Bill's Bar Nuno caught in the act in New Haven More Nuno in New London

For the release of Schitzophonic, Nuno celebrated at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston with a listening/album signing party.
Nuno with Hillman from WAAF Nuno lost in thought Nuno posing for picture

For album two, Nuno formed Mourning Widows with his cousin Donovan on bass and Bily Vegas on Drums. Hotel Asylum came out in '98, but unfortunately is only available on Japanese import. The band has played Japan, England, and Portugal, but so far, no gigs in the US. Check out the official Mourning Widows Fan Club site:
Hotel Asylum

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